Tory Manifesto

This post in Welsh / Y cyfnod yma yn Gymraeg

I watched the Conservatives’ manifesto launch today. Their inherent mistrust of the State came across as a central theme again. Here are two graphics taken from the manifesto:

I have real sympathy with this doctrine of this State. To me the state is just a modern political-administrative system which makes it different from many other organic entities within our society such the family, community, nation and faith communities. The role of the state should be to serve these other entities and not to control them so in this respect I can support the Conservatives vision to some extent.

Although R. Tudur Jones was definitely not a Tory, when it comes to the doctrine of the state one could argue that he would have some sympathy with the Conservatives critique of big government. I base my argument on this vision he spelled out in a letter to Gwynfor Evans around 1980:

To me, the old emphasis on cooperation, strengthening neighbourhood and local responsibility, to strive to create a poly-central society, with the State taking its place as one social form among many others, and together through it all enabling people to live free and prosperous – for me, this doctrine is still relevant. And this is also a doctrine which, in my view, lies most comfortable on the conscience of the Christian.

I agree with Tudur Jones on this matter, I do not believe in a big state. And that explains why I have some sympathy with the Conservatives position on the state.

However there are plenty of things in the Conservatives manifesto I’m not so comfortable with. For example, there is no mention at all about the Welsh language. Unfortunately there remains some responsibility over the language in London, so they have some responsibility over it. It is also clear from the manifesto that the Conservatives, on the whole, continue to be opposed to devolution.They go out of the way to clearly state they are a unionist party. I have respect for Welsh nationalists who say that they’re on the right, people like Simon Brooks. But I don’t have much respect for nationalists who have joined the Conservative Party (or the Labour Party for that matter) because it makes no sense for a Welsh nationalist to belong to a British unionist party.

Finally, to my knowledge the manifesto is not available in Welsh. This is not acceptable at all.

Download Manifesto (PDF)


3 Responses to “Tory Manifesto”

  1. Maniffesto’r Ceidwadwyr « Says:

    […] Y cofnod yma yn Saesneg / This post in English […]

  2. chrisd Says:

    I agree with your ideas about less government. I want as little government as possible–here in the US.

    Unfortunately, that’s not possible at this moment.

  3. welshwilderness Says:

    I take it your comment aludes to Obama’s social care and health policies? Thats a different matter. I believe individuals should be as free as possible from the State BUT the one place where the state should definitely act as a neutral is things like health care. To my mind that is the type of thing the state should do, collect taxes and redistribute them in a way that looks after people on an equal footing. Here in the UK we have the National Health Service (NHS) which is free at the point of need to everyone regardless on their ability to pay. Although taxes are dearer here than in US it is a fairer system than the one based on health insurance run by private companies you have in the US where poor people can’t buy in to the system and rich people get better care. That is not just and I wish Obama well as he tries and change your system to me more like ours in the UK.

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