Raised With Christ – online launch

As I was going to bed last night I checked my coms (email/facebook/twitter) as I always do before going to sleep and I came across a link to a live webcast on Adrian Warnocks blog. It was, of sorts, an on-line launch of his book Raised With Christ – How The Resurrection Changes everything. Upon my arrival on the site I soon realised that this was not the sort of webcast you can just browse to and listen in – rather, when you entered the site it logged you in and you were instantaneously a part of the discussion – it asked you to turn your mic and webcam on. Me, being on the way to bed, didn’t want to share my webcam (!) but eventually I got my mic working. This webcast therefore was more of a seminar than anything with a chance for everyone to ask question to Adrian.

Having stumbled upon the webcast on twitter rather than purposely planed to be part of it I didn’t really know what to say to start off with! Since I follow Adrians blog I knew a little about what the book was about and so I went for it and asked him a question. From my own experiences in the reformed evangelical world I was bought up in here in Wales I saw that Easter Sunday, the day when we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, was somewhat relegated to second position of importance behind Good Friday the day we remember the death of Christ on the Cross. Perhaps this becomes even more apparent when we look at David Bebbington’s summary of classic evangelicalism: biblicism, a particular regard for the Bible (e.g. all spiritual truth is to be found in its pages); crucicentrism, a focus on the atoning work of Christ on the cross; conversionism, the belief that human beings need to be converted and activism, the belief that the gospel needs to be expressed in effort. Emphasis is put on the Cross and no mention, in Bebbington’s summary at least, to the resurrection.

I put it to Adrian in the webcast that both events and both days we remember and celebrate today as a consequence should not be seen as if they are in tension but rather both stem from each other. Both events are as of important in the history of our salvation and the scheme of God’s restoration of the World.

Adrian agreed with me, and so I slept quietly through the night.


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