The wacky and daring Philip Pullman

Meanwhile, my attention was draw to this superb article by George Pitcher today. George is an Anglican priest and the Telegraphs Religion Editor. He utterly destroys Dawkins and his atheist brigade using a dynamic mix of wit, humor and plain knowledge.

Here are my favorite passages. In this one he points out that Pullman isn’t the radical he claims to be:

Yesterday, it was the turn of the millionaire author Philip Pullman, who’s writing an alternative ending to the story of Jesus Christ. Well, how wacky and daring. “A friend” is quoted as saying: “He knows it will be controversial, but he has some serious points to make.” Perhaps as serious as the scholars and theologians who have wrestled with the doctrine of the atonement since the time of Augustine, or the late, great Oxford don John Macquarrie, who posited a viable alternative ending to the Christian story at the Cross, with no resurrection. C S Lewis was imagining alternative Christian narratives when Pullman – who reportedly claimed in 2001 that his aim was “to undermine the basis of Christian belief” – was just an idea in the mind of God. Do these people actually read any theology before presuming that they’re being envelope-pushingly radical?

In this he points out the hilarity of Dawkins blindness to his own religious prejudices:

But I suppose it’s easier to decide that all Christians are brainwashed, wall-eyed literalists, that there is no catholic tradition of mystery, that the Reformation never happened and that we are driven by the imperative to force our religion on the next generation – a charge I would take a little more seriously if Prof Dawkins hadn’t recently endorsed atheist summer camps for children.

George brings his article to a close by calling on the atheists to “relax, fellas” because “we’re not forcing our faith on you or our children. We’re just trying, like you, to make sense of the world.”


One Response to “The wacky and daring Philip Pullman”

  1. lkjhk Says:

    Sigh. Read Robert Eisenman’s books and you will see that your faith is a lie – if you can put aside your own ‘religious prejudices’.

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