My first English sermon

Last Sunday I preached at Penrallt, the English Baptist church in Bangor. I must admit that I was nervous wreck beforehand because my whole spiritual life, except for my regular does of State side MP3’s, is lived entirely through the Welsh language. But I think that the Holy Spirit carried the sermon through in the end. It’s in the reading at the start and the prayer at the end that it’s most obvious that I’m communicating in my second language.

After conquering my nerves the sermon went well. It was nice to preach in-front of a large and young audience and it was great seeing people laughing at my jokes – jokes that just fall flat on their face when I try them out in Welsh churches! But the most encouraging thing was to see people coming to me at the end thanking me and telling me that God spoke to them through the sermon.

Here is the sermon:

I hope I’ll get more opportunity to preach in English in the future but I’m still sure that God has called me to whiteness through the Welsh Churches.


7 Responses to “My first English sermon”

  1. Martin Williams Says:

    Hey – we met at the Eisteddfod at the Tearfund stall. My wife Mari said you had a blog which I’ve been following. Have just listened to your sermon and thought it was great! Really helpful and practical, as well as theologically meaty. Great stuff!


  2. welshwilderness Says:

    Hi Martin – thanks for the encourging comments!

    Yes i remember you from steddfod! I remember you talking about the possibility of moving to Wales? Any closer to the big move?

    I went over to Teddington with Hywel a few weeks ago but Mari was not in on that day.

  3. Martin Williams Says:

    I still have to finish my MA, which won’t happen until end of next Sept, and we won’t move straight away, but hopefully not too long after that! Mari was almost in tears when she heard you start to preach – I think our hearts are getting pulled there.

    When do you finish your Phd?

  4. welshwilderness Says:

    Like yourself really. I’ve done 3 years now so I’m in my fourth so I’ve got until end of September 2010 to finish it. But if at all possible I’d like to finish it in 9 month time so it won’t be a shadow over me over the summer! But as things are going it will the struggle to finish it with time to spare as the work I’ve started doing in the Church is taking a fairly large chunk of my week (today is taken up to prepare a Bible study for tonight for example and I have yet to prepare my talk for our contemporary service on Sunday night!). But the Church are very understanding and are letting me just plod on working on the PhD most of the week.

  5. Emma Reese Says:

    Thank you for the great sermon, so applicable (and short!) It was good to hear you speak English too. You didn’t sound nervous at all. I liked the part when you asked, ‘beth ydy Elias yn Saesneg?’

  6. Martin Williams Says:

    Sounds like you’re keeping pretty busy! It’s always a challenge to finish things in false deadlines – I can’t see me finishing my dissertation much before the end of September, which rules out a return to teaching for next year. But it’s great that you’ve got lots of opportunities to do bible-studies and talks; I’m in a big church and there aren’t as many openings for that sort of thing.

  7. Jo Fisher Says:

    Great sermon, Rhys, hoping for another one soon!!

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