NOOMA Soundtrack, Vol. 001

Most Christian music i listen too are not really my kind of music. In other words if it weren’t Christian I wouldn’t listen to it! Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin and Tim Hughes write brilliant worship music but if it were not worship music their musical genre wouldn’t even come on my radar. They’r good at what they do, very good, and I have been blessed through their music but you get my point right? If Tim Hughes was not a Christian he’d probably be James Blunt, and to be blunt about it I wouldn’t buy that album.

Brie+StonerBut two Christian albums I bought recently are albums I would definitely have bought even if they were’t Christian. The first is the NOOMA Soundtrack, Vol. 001, the second is Mars Hill’s Rain City LP which I’ll talk about in another post some time soon. With Rob Bell’s NOOMA video’s one of the things that first struck me on the production side was the amazing music and the producer/editor’s subtle and effective use of it. The soundtrack, like most soundtracks, is a compilations with a handfull of tracks by two artist; five tracks by Brie Stoner and eight by David Vandervelde.

dvBrie’s vocals, especially in the opening track Rain Down, are totally mesmerizing. She sounds a bit like Gwen Stefani which you’ll all be familiar with after she sang Don’t Speak with her band No Doubt some twelve years now! Stylistically it’s sort of melodic indy-rock which is cool. The second artist David Vandervelde is a cool guy also. Once again what we have here is indy-rock with slightly less melody than Brie which is satisfyingly replaced with psychedelia. Where Brie is down in LA unsigned looking for the big brake David is based up in Grand Rapids, Michigan home of Rob Bell’s church; but David can be found, according to his wikipedia entry, at Bethel Reformed Church every Sunday – a reality I find hard to conjure in my head but then again who would of thought the U2 rockers would be big mass goers. Hold on… no, he’s based in Nashville according to his MySpace. Anyway, it’s not important!

Here are their MySpaces:
Brie Stoner
David Vandervelde

And the NOOMA soundtrack can be found on iTunes for £7.99 which is worth every penny.


2 Responses to “NOOMA Soundtrack, Vol. 001”

  1. Chris Says:

    Rhys, are there any English-language Welsh musical artists who are Christians (not necessarily Christian-music artists, mind you)? As an American who has recently discovered his Welsh ancestry, thanks to my grandfather who did all the research, I’d love to discover more about artists from my ancestral homeland. Thanks so much!


  2. video rss Says:

    video rss…

    […]NOOMA Soundtrack, Vol. 001 «[…]…

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