Mark and Books

booksOne of my main responsibilities in the Church where I’ve started as a Pastor in-training is to lead the weekly Bible Study. I think I’ve settled on the idea of going through Mark – partly because I want to sort of follow Christianity Explored – I think I’ll be using the course as a’n outline but I won’t be running the course as such. Yesterday I went along to my local Christian bookshop which now gives me a whopping 25% off on everything because I’m a full-time Christian worker. Nice. The books I bought yesterday to help me with preparation were Christianity Explored – Leader’s Edition and Mark for Everyone by Tom Wright. I also couldn’t resist the temptation of buying C.J. Mahaney’s Cross Centered Life because apparently I have to read it and I also bought Mark Driscoll’s Religion Saves + Nine other Misconceptions if only for the amazing artwork.

Please pray as I prepare the series of studies from Mark. In the past I have felt leading studies more of a struggle and hard work than just plain preaching so please pray that I may lead people and open up the Gospel.

(I have added a new category to the blog posts, “Penuel Bangor”, I’ll tag any posts which talk about my work at the Church under that, this being the first.)


5 Responses to “Mark and Books”

  1. Phil Wyman Says:

    Congrats on your position Mr. Pastor in Training! I am excited for you, and not just for the 25% off.

  2. ammanfordpastor Says:

    Good selection of books. And I agree, you must read CJ Mahaney! Hope you enjoy your early days in ministry. I loved being Kev’s assistant – in the eyes of the congregation you basically can’t do anything wrong. Mind you, that changes once you swop jobs!

  3. Dyfed Says:

    Put the books down and get them to discuss the text in the context of their life.

  4. Jim Says:

    May I also recommend the Tyndale NT Commentary, Mark by R. Alan Cole Inter-Varsity Press? It’s a small volume that I think captures the correct read on Jesus in Mark.

  5. Martin Williams Says:

    Hey Rhys,
    Hope things are going well in the church!
    I’d recommend JC Ryle on Mark! Fantastic small commentary! In fact, I’d recommend him on all of the gospels!
    Pob bendith brawd!

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