Society Profiad and the Start Something Tour

I seem to have neglected this blog yet again, apologies. On my Welsh blog I discuss just about anything but because my english blog is more specialist in nature i write on it less often unfortunately. If you want to read more of what I’ve got to say and hear me voice my opinion on technology, culture and other worldly things then you’ll just have to learn Welsh so you can read my Welsh blog!

But on to matters at hand. I’m a member of an alternative hip-hop outfit. Yes, that is bizarre for someone working on a PhD in theology I hear you say. Well, it’s fronted by my brother, Cynan. Cynan is a prominent Welsh personality and he is a Christian like me. With a John Peel session, his own BBC Radio program and a string of TV appearances already under his belt he has turned in this project to try and fuse two of his keenest interests – his personal faith and alternative hip-hop. I write and record the music and let Cynan front the whole thing. It works out well as – it’s a kinda Liam and Noel relationship just with theological banter instead of fisticuffs. The band’s called Society Profiad and we have also started a label of the same name and hope to help other alternative Welsh Christian artists release their material.

Before the Society Profiad we were in a band called Kenavo – we had a few good songs and during 2004-2005 we giged often, got decent airplay on the radio but we never really put enough effort into-it to do anything of it. The hight point I guess was supporting the Goldie Looking Chain on the tour they did just after braking through. But on the night of that gig a huge thunder storm engulfed north Wales, there was a power cut and we didn’t get to play our set after all the hype! You can listen so some on Kenavo’s songs on the myspace. Cynan has re-written some lyrics for some of the best songs and we hope to use them with the new project.

We recorded a few tracks with Society Profiad last summer mainly because Cynan was asked to preform a rap at a Tearfund advocacy event at the Eisteddfod. But since last summer we haven’t developed more on the project; that is until now. We’re going on tour end of this month – the Start Something Tour – supporting The Reprecussion. Steff Elis a good friend of ours and Tom Whitman will also be joining us on tour. We are all Christians, so I guess this is my first step into the true Christian music sub-culture. Very frightening. Kenavo, by the way, was not a “Christian band” as such.

Here is the promo video for the tour and remember to visit the site and I look forward to seeing you on one of the nights…


One Response to “Society Profiad and the Start Something Tour”

  1. Dyfed Says:

    Edrych ymlaen at fod ym Mangor. Gobeithio nad yw bod yn 43 yn rhy hen i noson hiphop!

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