I’m preaching tomorrow at a small Welsh Church at Bae Colwyn. I’ve never been there before but I’m looking forward because a good collage friend of mine was bought up in that Church and as I understand he’s home visiting his parent this weekend so he’ll be there to hold me and my sermon accountable!

I must admit that I haven’t really felt all that great over the past few days. Start of the week I did a lot of meetings (one in Swansea in relation to the Welsh Church plant that’s happening there soon and the other in Llandrindod in relation to Gobaith i Gymru and and traveling around then by the end of the week I had my head down stressing over my PhD. This time yesterday the last thing on my mind was the idea of going out to talk about the grace and faithfulness of God. Actually, for many years I refused accepting God’s call to go and preach his word and lead ministry because I didn’t feel holy and spiritual enough. But as I felt God’s calling getting stronger and stronger in my life I realized that, in a sort of way, the fact that I did not feel up to it on a personal level was the whole point. More of Him less of me, all of Him none of me.

We will never be good enough and if we think we are good enough then we’ve taken our eye off Jesus. I still don’t feel holy and spiritual enough but now I know that my shortcomings will always be dealt with by Jesus and his work. Being humble is hard work but when you discover true humbleness it’s such a great relief. To know that it’s not about you, it’s not about how spiritual you are, it’s not about how you can best be holy this week. Not at all. It’s all about giving up and just resting in God and let him lead and carry you. Getting to that point is the essence of faith and as I have been preparing for tomorrow God has lead me back to that place of rest and assurance in him. I am not ready to preach but God has lead me to be ready – there is a small but importance difference.

For Christians, like me, who are busy busy with lots of things I have come to realize that spending downtime in quietness is essential to reenergizing your faith. I was reminded of this twice tonight as I prepared for tomorrow. First of all you can listen to Tim Chester talk about his book The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness over at his blog. And also I watched NOOMA Noise | 005 for the first time tonight. It really helped me refocus and put my mind, thought and faith back in the right place, or on the right person, after a hectic week.

Enjoy the NOOMA:


2 Responses to “Noise”

  1. Steffan Says:

    Checking motivation and spotting pride is a constant battle.

    I recommend Don Carson’s “Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor” for a description of a man marked by humility and dependence on God. Excellent book.

  2. welshwilderness Says:

    Thanks – I do hope to read that book soon – from what I hear the scenario in the book draws many parallels to the Welsh situation. Piper himself doesn’t but we as readers will see parallels if I understand.

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