Llanw – the Welsh New Word Alive


Next week I’ll be going to Llanw. It’s sort of like a Welsh New Word Alive, or at least the closest thing to that you’ll get in the Welsh language. I’m one of the organizers so this week I’ve been busy getting things ready from checking credit card payments, to painting banners to making sure we’ve got all the music ready for the worship band. Here is a little word about Llanw.

Llanw is a festival that brings Christians throughout Wales together in order to celebrate and deepen our relationship with the living God. There will be an opportunity to socialise, learn and worship with our fellow Christians. The festival is for everyone aged between 9 hours and 900 years old, there’s no excuse for not coming! Come to enjoy!

Date of Llanw 2009: 14-17 April

What happens at Llanw…

A service will be held every morning and evening, and there will be an opportunity to take advantage of the adventurous facilities that are at Gwersyll Llangrannog during the day, attend seminars on various subjects or go for a walk to visit the beautiful paths and villages on the Cardigan coast. Following the evening service there will be an opportunity to join in a further informal worship or an opportunity to relax and socialise over a hot cuppa.

watcynBreakfast, lunch and supper are included in the price. This year, in order to accommodate more people and to offer a more competitive range of prices there’s an opportunity to camp or hire a room indoors. This year you can book online, and we encourage you to do this; we use an experienced Christian company called Good Book Co. to administer this and your details will be totally secure.

There will be a full provision for children during the week, clubs during the services and freedom to enjoy activities such as skiing and go-carting in the afternoon. It will be a family festival for the entire family of Christ. Individuals between 14 and 17 years old can attend the festival without their parents if a Church or Guardian is responsible for them.

There is a warm welcome for non-Welsh speakers. There will be translation services in all the main services.


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