Jerusalem Chapel, Pen-y-groes

Monday night I went with Menna to address a Dosbarth meeting of the Calvinistic Methodists at Jerusalem Chapel, Pen-y-groes, Carmarthenshire. We went to talk about our recent visit to Kyiv, Ukraine and also to try an encourage and inspire the old brothers and sisters here in Wales.

When I visit that part of Wales I always go a bit emotional, Monday night was no different. A good part of my roots come from the area; my Grandfather came from Gorslas and my  Grandmother comes from nearby Ammanford. My Grandfather also pastored his last Church in Ammanford; it was that very church that my grandmother was bought up in and it was also the Church Nantlais pastored during the 1904-05 Revival in Wales. There was also a blessing in the area around 1948. History, memory and myth is a powerful force.

One rather elderly brother at Monday night’s meeting, David Hughes from Cross-hands, told me that he knew my great-Grandmother! David Hughes must have been in his 90s. He used to work with my Great-Uncle Alun, my Grandfathers brother, down the mines. He had a very special story about my great-Grandmother, Ester. Ester lost her husband, my great-Grandfather, at a young age to an accident at the coal mine. David Hughes told me that people had huge respect and admiration for Ester as she bought up three children on her own; she was a very Godly woman. David Hughes remembered Ester for her public praying at Church – he remembers her down on her knees, literally, in tears talking with her Saviour. This was very very powerful testimony as David Hughes recalled.

The Holy Spirit has been at work in a very strange and powerful way in the area in the past. I got to see a glimmer of it on Monday nigh through the stories and prayers of the elderly Godly brothers at Pen-y-groes. These were not men and women who had read about previous blessings in the area, these were brothers who remember and had experienced that blessing. This is a meeting I will never forget.


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