KoRn’s ‘born again’ band members

KornI found it rather entertaining this week to read that two former members of the nu-metal band KoRn have become ‘born-again’ Christians. Of course it’s good news to hear of any one coming to faith but there is something special about a celebrity coming to faith because it raises the profile of God’s saving Grace in a World thats becoming more and more dismissive of it. Some how with these guys from KoRn it’s even more special because, let’s be honest, KoRn’s image as a band over the years has been rather Occultish.

I read about the story of their bassist, Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu, becoming a Christian on this metal news site. The comments that follow the story by website members are both shoking and disturbing. Here are some of them:

  • I wanna hear about finding satan! Isn’t this a metal web site? Korn sucks monkey balls. That last album was sooooo bad. One listen and it was a beer coaster.
  • Why do these guys always need to “find God” to get their acts together??? Because they’re too stupid to figure out that it’s up to themselves? Nobody is responsible for you, but yourself.
  • What is with these dorks? My Dad passed away, yea it was hard, but there is no way in hell I will ever quit drinking, curl up in a ball and become a born again christian. you need answers or reasons to why your father died? well it sure as hell ain’t christianity, they’ll just give you a bunch of excuses, “god works in mysterious ways” “it was just his time”, “god wanted him”.. blah blah blah…all bullshit. Pagan for life. organized religion is for the weak minded.

Hmmm, let’s just hope and pray that God will use KoRn’s ‘born again’ members to shine some light and let the whole World see.


2 Responses to “KoRn’s ‘born again’ band members”

  1. affanashiwsh Says:

    it certainly does have an effect. I like heavy metal a lot: I occasionally still attend concerts. Megadeth’s frontman, Dave Mustaine, has also recently become a Christian. Before conversion he conformed to the sterotype of the aggressive heavy metal frontman: now he’s strangely subdued and possibly the politest metal frontman in history. In Wales, where nonconformists have developed their own strange extrabiblical cultus, and evangelicals tend to escape from our fractured and varied culture, such witness is powerful and challenges us to witness in a subculture where darkness, misery, hopelessness and general ennui are ever present themes.

  2. The dude with a brain Says:

    What is wrong with ya’ll? This is GREAT! I don’t see why ya’ll think how you think i’m a christian and its changed my life. Its not for people who are weak. we’re all weak in the sight of the one true GOD that made us this world and everything in it. You’re just searching for something to fill the void in your life and i can tell by your additude your life is pretty pathetic. God bless.

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