All Nationalists Now

exploited and miss-used

Nationalism not subject to the Kingdom of God: exploited and miss-used

It is assumed that man possesses an attribute called ‘nationality’ just as he has black hair or white skin or blue eyes. Instead of being a transistory expression of human sentimentality, nationalism has revealed itself as a remarkably tough and persistent ideology. In contemporary world politics it has proved so powerful that other ideologies have had to yield to it, Democratic liberalism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism and Capitalism have all in their turn found it expedient to come to terms with it.


I believe, and so do most Welsh speaking Christians, that Wales must be constituted into a nation-State. Not to possess one is not to exist in the modern world.

English Nationalism has shown itself to be both immensely destructive and, at the same time, deeply seductive. If Wales can produce a Nationalism as inspiring and as vigorous as that which has dominated the English spirit for so many generations, Wales will be able not only to survive but to do greater things in the future than it has done in the past.

[An adapted summary of the first Chapter of R. Tudur Jones’s The Desire of Nations, 1974]

2 Responses to “All Nationalists Now”

  1. Carl Morris Says:

    I believe, and so do most Welsh speaking Christians, that Wales must be constituted into a nation-State.

    I am subscribed and enjoying both your blogs, Rhys. Thought-provoking stuff.

    Did R. Tudur Jones have a source for the “most” in this statement?

    Is it still the case? If so, where could we go for reliable stats on this? Just curious to know.


  2. welshwilderness Says:

    Thanks for the comment Carl. First of all these are my words not RTJ’s, it’s an adoption and an interpretation of RTJ’s work and not a straight quote.

    I don’t believe there are definite statistics showing how many Welsh language Christians support a greater deal of Welsh freedom but I can point to one fact. The Union of Welsh Independents (Undeb yr Annibynwyr Cymraeg) passed a motion in 1952 in support of Welsh self-government, today the body represents approx. 15,000-20,000 Welsh Language Christians back then I think it represented about four times that size. All other main Christian denominations (even the Anglicans to some extent) have passed motions fairly similar in the past 50 years also.

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